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    Ferrari Challenge - Need Help With Trial Run


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    Ferrari Challenge - Need Help With Trial Run Empty Ferrari Challenge - Need Help With Trial Run

    Post by drwfan99 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:19 pm

    I'm trying to get something going over at the IFCA site, and haven't had much in the way of interest over there. I was wondering if you any of you would be able to participate in a trial run(s) sometime this week (by Friday, 7 pm EST). I'm looking for up to 7 other people to race and try out a few things, such as recording of race distances and provide some feedback.

    I'm open to running it anytime this week with anyone.

    Ferrari Challenge – North America

    Series Organizer: drwfan99
    Series Support Team: None
    Time: TBD

    This event will mimic the Ferrari Challenge, which currently features the Ferrari F430 and will soon include the Ferrari F458 Italia as a second class.




    Car: Ferrari F430
    Platform and Handling: All upgraded to RACE
    Drivetain: RACE Clutch
    Tires: RACE compound Tires, Front Tires 235/35R19, Rear Tires 295/35R19
    P.I.: 660
    Rims: BBS RE or BBS RS-GT

    Any other upgrades are forbidden. Any other upgrades will put your car at a different PI, making your car ineligible for the races. Cars will be allowed ABS only, NO TCS or STM.


    Not supported


    Session 1: Will be conducted Tuesdays at 19:00 EST / 00:00 GMT (Wednesday)
    Session 2: Will be conducted immediately following session 1.

    Sessions will consist of 1 Reconnaissance Lap, 3 Qualifying Laps, and 1 Cool Down Lap. During the cool down lap, the room host will record the best lap times for each driver and post them to the correct place.


    Race 1: Based on Qualifying Session 1 Results
    Race 2: Based on Qualifying Session 2 Results


    Please be online and ready to race/fill rooms at 18:45 EST / 23:45 GMT. All drivers will get an invite from their preliminary room host.

    On race day, the room hosts will invite everyone in their room 10 minutes before the event is slated to start.

    Part 1
    Begin with a 1 Lap Race to get all drivers into their starting positions. Drivers must finish the race in their correct positions.

    Part 2
    The actual timed race will begin, with each car starting with a 1 second delay from the car ahead of it.

    There will be a mandatory pit stop during each race. Each must be performed between 5 minutes after the start of the race and 5 minutes before the end of each race.

    It will be required the drivers state they are entering pit lane a minimum of 5 seconds before entering. Drivers must also state they are leaving pit lane immediately upon accelerating up to race speed. When available, drivers should stay within the marked lines on the track indicating pit lane re-entry. It is the responsibility of the pitting driver to not feed onto the race line until up to racing speed.

    End of Race
    Hosts are required to record all of the distances traveled by racers in their room. This can be done either by taking a picture of the race screen and copying the distances to the forum, or (preferably) by have two hosts in he room split up the responsibility of writing distances.


    These can only occur if the following happens:
    - A driver lags out before 5 minutes has expired.
    - Racing collision involving 3 or more cars before 5 minutes has expired.

    There can only be a maximum 2 restarts. The third attempt at racing is final.


    January 5 – New York – Full Circuit
    January 12 – Sunset Peninsula Raceway – Full Circuit Reverse
    January 19 – Road Atlanta – Full Circuit
    January 26 – Sedona Raceway Park – Full Circuit Reverse


    Championship points will be awarded in each race to the finishers as follows:
    1st – 200 Points 11th - 75 Points 21st – 27 Points 31st – 5 Points
    2nd - 175 Points 12th - 70 Points 22nd – 24 Points 32nd – 4 Points
    3rd - 155 Points 13th – 65 Points 23rd – 21 Points 33rd – 3 Points
    4th – 140 Points 14th – 60 Points 24th – 18 Points 34th – 2 Points
    5th - 130 Points 15th – 55 Points 25th – 15 Points =< 35th – 1 Point
    6th – 120 Points 16th – 50 Points 26th – 12 Points
    7th - 110 Points 17th – 45 Points 27th – 9 Points
    8th - 100 Points 18th – 40 Points 28th – 8 Points
    9th - 90 Points 19th – 35 Points 29th – 8 Points
    10th - 80 Points 20th – 30 Points 30th – 7 Points


    If a driver misses a race, they will receive no points. If you do not complete the race through whatever reason, you will be classified as a retirement, and will be ordered by total distance completed in the finishing order (not averaged, see below).


    If you cannot connect to your race room, you will receive last placed points for your lobby upon completing the Connection Confliction procedure stated below. This will be for the first 2 conflicts only, upon which you will then only receive overall last placed points. This classification will be placed outside of the automatic room drop position


    All competing cars must carry the following Mandatory Decals, available on drwfan99’s storefront soon:

    1.) Three assigned car number panels: One on each DOOR*; One on the hood. The numbers should be Black UPPER LETTERS 1, Y=0.25, X=0.18

    *This placement is not negotiable; size must remain the same.


    Provided by drwfan99
    1st = 250,000 Cr
    2nd = 150,000 Cr
    3rd = 100,000 Cr


    Random car inspections will occur to prevent cheating. If your car does not match the required stats, you are excluded from the series.

    The best 7 of 8 results count towards your championship campaign.

    You are required to have a microphone plugged in during the race meeting.

    It is recommended you save Replays. This may help rectify disputes.

    It is recommended you take a picture of the final race distances, even if you are not the room host.

    You cannot cut corners. Racing is done on the track only. Anyone caught cutting will face anything from a distance penalty, grid penalty or DQ.


    Your connection is YOUR responsibility. You must ensure it is the best it can be. This includes :
    - turning off all other equipment using the internet during a race
    - being wired instead of wireless when possible
    === when wireless, making the signal strength the best it can be as denoted by the dashboard
    - finally as a last resort, resetting all equipment

    It is highly recommended to get your NAT to appear OPEN (found on your dashboard). If you cannot connect properly on race day, then it will not be delayed. Conflictions with other racers preventing access to rooms will need to be sorted by those in question, and those 1 or 2 racers will need to sort their problems, or they will not be allowed to race. The person with the better qualifying will be allowed to race, as long as he does not conflict with others. It is strongly recommended to get online 30 minutes before race time to work out any connection problems

    This guide may help you sort your NAT problems

    Confliction on Race Night

    If there is a confliction for your race room, you must find out who the confliction is with:
    a) Room Host invites all his players to room
    b) Driver who can't get in then opens a new room (correct settings)
    c) He invites everyone in
    d) Whoever can't get in is where the confliction is
    e) From these 2 drivers, the one with the better qualifying will be allowed to race

    This process should not take longer than 5 minutes


    If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of the series, get in contact with the Series Organizer and Support Team.


    Provide input for the series as you think of it! While an idea may not be implemented immediately, it WILL be considered for future use.

    Everyone is racing against everyone in this series, not just within lobbies. To account for the delayed starts causing a loss of total distance, everyone's distance covered will be divided by the total time driven. This will then be multiplied by the total time of the race (45 minutes), and results will come from this.

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