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    EZT 10 by 10 Series 1 Empty EZT 10 by 10 Series 1

    Post by uncabunca on Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:38 pm

    EZT Motorsport 10 by 10 Series 1

    Series Organisers : EZT Casper
    Series Support Team : EZT WarEagle

    Sundays : 17:00 PST / 20:00 EST

    This EZT Motorsport event is designed for fun, clean, competitive racing.
    All skill levels are welcomed to participate.
    We do ask that if you sign up for this event, you should complete it.

    Race 10 different cars on 10 different tracks! This will be a relaxed 10 week series for C-425 cars. Each week you must race a different car. Once you use a car, you cannot use it again for the rest of the series. It is also restricted to the first 100 Sign Ups only due to the gamertags friends list size restriction.

    Sign Up period begins Friday, January 21st, and closes Saturday, February 5th, with the first race on Sunday, January 30th.


    Max PI (C-425)
    RWD Only
    No Drivetrain Swaps
    Front and Rear Forza spoilers mandatory*******
    Stock Tire Compound
    Weight limit is min. 2000lbs
    Purchase price for car cannot be more then $50,000
    You can only use 1 car per race(For ex. if you use a honda s2000 for the first race you cannot use the car again for the series)

    Full Sim conditions
    Full Tuning Allowed

    View the rules and regulations here .

    Sign up here .

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